Videojet® BX 6500/6600 Commercial Addressing Printer

Videojet® BX 6500/6600 Commercial Addressing Printer

Commercial Printer for High Speed Inkjet Addressing Applications

The Videojet BX Series Binary Array inkjet addressing printer delivers versatile, dependable high-speed digital printing for increased productivity.

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Print Resolution128 x 256 dpi (in the direction of travel)
128 x 128 @ 1970 fpm (600 mpm), image dependent
Print Height2 inches (51 mm) per printhead
Printhead ControlUp to two printheads per cabinet (four printheads total)
Maximum Line Speed1970 fpm (600 mpm), image dependent
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo
Memory2 GB
Operating SystemWindows® XP – embedded
Hard Drive160 GB
Network2 x 1GB LAN connections
Diagnostic SoftwareInspector™
Data FormatsFixed Field, Fixed Record, Delimited, Multiline, CSV, TEX, TX2, MDB, DBF, JS2
InksBlack, Red, Blue and Green
Positive Air40/80 psi (15/30 L) min. consumption


Exceptional throughput on even the most complex jobs:

  • Provides one or two printhead(s) with 2 in (51 mm) print band(s) running at speeds up to 1970 fpm (600 mpm)
  • A single Crescendo Controller can control one or two BX6500/6600 cabinets with up to four printheads
  • Dual job capability to place each head on a separate line – both controlled by one Crescendo controller or complete a single job in half the time

Fast-drying inks to print on a broad range of materials:

  • A wide variety of fast-drying inks are available, ranging from low VOC acetone to MEK
  • Print capabilities that include printing on aqueous coated, UV coated and other difficult-to-print high gloss stocks

High reliability plus durability equals high productivity:

  • Designed to last the life of the system, the BX6500/6600 Series printheads are built to last and not be “consumable” items
  • BX6500/6600 series printers are designed to withstand the most rugged applications
  • System includes corrosion and solvent resistant stainless steel IP5X-rated cabinet and printheads


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